February 25, 2009


I made these for two reasons. One, it is my friend Ramona's birthday- Happy Birthday to you!
Secondly they are everywhere in the shops here and I thought I'd make them just like they did when I was a kid for school fetes, church sales and any other reason to raise money. 

I can tell you now, I am NOT making these for Max's school fair next month! I have to say the amount of work and effort that goes into making these tasty little morsels does not meet my 20 minute criteria for a school cake stall!  I also have to tell you they were/are seriously yummy (sorry Ramona, you'll have to come here to get one :0) ) but they took me a good part of the morning to make them from scratch. I have decided I owe an apology to all the ladies of church stalls, school stalls etc...who made these when I was a kid- I devoured them without even taking a breath and they must of been good if I still remember them now.

If your not Australian, have never stepped foot in Australia or New Zealand or don't have Aussie friends then you probably haven't heard of Lamingtons. In a nut shell they are a sponge cake dipped in a sweet chocolate glaze then rolled in coconut- A real Australian treasure!
If anyone would like to make them I'm happy to post the recipe but I have a feeling the Australians will pop out to the shops and pick up a packet of 6 for a few dollars and my American friends will just wait until I come over again..... Of course I am always happy for you to prove me wrong! 
I think for Fridays morning tea this week I'll whip up a carrot cake- I know that will only take twenty minutes!

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Mal said...

They look fantastic, we are very lucky to have such a yummy Aussie cake. Good on you for taking the time to make them.