March 19, 2009

A New Career

For the past two weeks I have been making career changes and I have to say it is a new and very exciting step for me. I am hanging up my apron in the professional kitchens for a while and taking on a new roll as Food Editor for Australia's number 1 parenting website- It is a very exciting position and will enable me to focus more on cooking for families, making food we can all cook and get excited about. I will be able to rant and rave on my blog and you will be able to go directly to any recipes I create and get cooking with a click of a button. 
Some of the topics I'll talk to you about are different cuts of meat you can buy. Budget cuts for all of us that need to pull in the purse strings just that little bit more. For example the picture above is a delicious meal I made a few weeks ago when I had an abundance of capsicums (peppers). We were all craving red meat but I couldn't go the $10 a kg t-bones for a family of four (that would be my total meat budget!), so I bought some 'tender chuck' and I have to tell you it was one of the most enjoyable cuts of meat I have eaten in a long while.
 Of course I got my char grill pan smoking hot as I always do when cooking meat, then seared the loin off on both sides (first I rubbed oil, salt and pepper onto the meat). Once seared I popped it in a 200 degree oven for 8 minutes, pulled it out, wrapped it in foil and finished plating the rest of the meal. To increase the flavour and texture of any meat you should rest it for a period of 3-5 minutes for the meat to 'relax' and juices to stay put. There is nothing worse than cutting a piece of meat straight out of the oven and you see the juices spilling out every where.
I have a few interesting cuts of meat at my butcher shop that look like a bit of a challenge so I'll be blogging those when push comes to shove. In the mean time, please check out my new recipes at kidspot (starting next week with my Mexican theme), have a look around the website you never know, you might find something other than food that you needed to know.
Ciao for now.....


The Kings said...

That is exciting Camilla!! I will definitely be checking it out. I find it hard to come up with something new when you are feeding a family of 6 on a tight budget. Looking forward to some great ideas!

Mal said...

Congratulations Milly, good luck with your new job.