March 9, 2009

Pork and Pea Burgers

It has been way to long since I wrote on my blog and I apologise to my regulars. Last week I rejoined the work force in a 'full time' capacity and as you can see a few areas slipped! WOW is all I can say. I haven't worked full time in a while and I forgot how busy and organised you have to be when you throw kids into the mix. The fact that I turned up to work on time, got the kids to swimming, homework done and we didn't totally run out of groceries (but it did come EXTREMELY close) is a miracle. It happened and I am astonished yet proud of that fact.

I think it was around Thursday that I was all out of time, the boys were starving and were doing the fake crying to emphasize the fact that they were going to pass out if I didn't feed them dinner within ten minutes of getting in the house from doing the grocery shopping. Thank god it was on the same night as the shopping otherwise I don't know what they would of ended up with. Nic was working late and there was no chance they would hold out an extra hour before dinner so I decided to make a super fast, simple meal. Ingredients I had to work with were pork mince, burger buns, frozen peas (which Max hates) and cheese. 

I found the last of the potato gems in the freezer and thought that was a good place to start. While they were cooking I couldn't think what I was going to do with the mince until I spotted the buns- Burgers, always a favorite in my house. I wanted the boys to have veggies but couldn't stand the scene of them telling me how unacceptable it would be to serve them with a burger (seriously- pick your battles).
In the end I grated carrot, poured in some green peas and added pork mince, a squirt of fish sauce was added for the salty finish and then made them into patties. Once cooked I pared them with cheddar cheese (tomato for MAx) and a good dollop of mayo on the bun. The meal was all done and ready to go in 20 minutes- I was actually waiting on the potato gems!
The verdict "Did you see that, I scoffed that half mum" That was Max referring to half of his burger and it really did disappear with in seconds of it touching his lips.
So the boys ate, the peas weren't detected and I got asked for a repeat performance one day soon. When Nic walked in the door he also hoped that was our dinner too. For a 'on the fly' meal it was a hands down winner. I will be revisiting this again for sure, maybe next time I'll put a little more thought into it........or maybe I shouldn't?

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