March 25, 2009

New toys

Well it has been a very exciting day for this little cookie. Friends and family know I do a lot of cooking at home. Every birthday (mine, Nic or the kids) I love to go out of my way to produce a good spread for adults and children alike.  I have to say I usually need to lift a few extra bags of flour at work or make sure I have a solid wooden spoon available before the big event. That's right folks all my adult life I have never owned a mix master or hand mixer. I have whipped my fair share of egg whites, and creamed butter and sugar until my arms feel like they are going to drop off!

Why? are you asking yourself would I wait so long? Well the simple answer was I had been hanging out for a Kitchen Aid mixer. I fell in love with them as soon as I first laid eyes on them. In the beginning my budget wouldn't allow it- so I waited. We moved countries- so I waited. I almost gave in last year and bought a hand held mixer but held onto the urge because I know myself and if I had bought the hand held I'd of never bought the big brother. OK so it isn't a Kitchen Aid, but it is most impressive and has a fantastic big motor!

Along with a new career in recipe development I thought I owed it to myself to have the right equipment (especially seeing how I have the worlds slowest electric stove!). I am now going to be whipping up a storm, beating to my hearts content and never working up a sweat. I am so thrilled about that I just wanted to share it with you all.
 Stay tuned for the first of many biscuits, cakes, meringues and anything else I can put to the test in my new mixer!


Roisin said...

Oh she's a beauty alright. I'm just sorry I'll have to fly all the way to Australia to try out EVEN BETTER (surely not possible) sticky date cake. Looking forward to the virtual tastings to come.

Jessie K said...

Your mixer is EXQUIZ. I've never seen the likes.

When are your recipes going to start appearing on the kidspot site? I've been looking for them; can't find em!