April 5, 2009

Fish tacos

Nic went away to L.A on business last week and his mum popped up for a visit and to help me with the boys (or should I say have them all to herself). Pam is a great cook and she always spoils us when we go to visit- I don't cook a thing! My in-laws live on the coast so they eat plenty of fresh seafood and are used to freshness and flavour. Having spent many years inland we didn't eat as much fresh fish in the States so it was very exciting to find my local fish shop with oodles to choose from. 
Traditionally when cooking fish tacos you usually dredge the fish in milk and flour then fry it in oil; totally delicious and always has you craving for more. When I was thinking about adding fish tacos to my Mexican week on Kidspot I wanted to make them as user friendly as possible and that also means healthy for busy families. Whipping up a quick marinade and then roasting, pan frying or grilling the fillets was the best option I came up with. The following recipe was a great success with young and old. Grammie thought them a treat (hopefully for the flavour and not just the fact she didn't have to cook) while Alex inhaled every last bite and came back for seconds which is a rare sight with him these days. The fact that we all got to build our own allowed the boys to have whatever they wanted. Max loaded up on tomatoes lettuce and cucumber while Alex filled his with corn and fish and lets not forget the lashings of lime mayo they spread on top. 
If this has captured your attention then follow this kidspot link to the recipe and taste test it for yourself.

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