April 3, 2009

The Great Mexican Bite

The day has finally come when my recipes land on the kidspot site. Sadly we had some tech problems and my name doesn't appear, however this will all be fixed shortly-  be rest assured these are my recipes and I'm there to stay.
For my introduction I was given a Mexican theme and I couldn't of been happier. Since moving back from Chicago just over 4 months ago the family has been hankering for a good dose of jalapenos, salsa and beans. I think Alex grew up on 100 and one ways to serve beans when he was a baby.
 I did try to make a few items in the beginning but had trouble getting some of the basic Mexican ingredients we'd come to love, like jalapenos, cactus paddles and corn tortillas just to name a few.
One to never back away from a challenge I chose a few family favorites of ours and made them 'Australian family friendly'. I have to say we were all pretty happy with the outcome. The quickest would have to of been my take on a Mexican sandwich. At work just after we had had a really busy service(in the States). The guys (Mexicans I worked with) use to make these wonderful sandwiches or 'pizzas' for all of us to devour once all the customers were fed. I was bringing those memories to life again with a sandwich I know would of stopped even the biggest appetite in it's tracks.
As with all sandwiches you make them to your liking. I pile pickled jalapenos on mine, Nic has a mild layering, Max goes for one but pulls it out just before he inhales, and Alex has a fit if I even think of putting any greenery on or near his! His 'Mexican sandwich consists of re fried beans, crumbed chicken, feta cheese, mayo and then a few carrot sticks on the side. I don't mind as long as I only make one meal and we all eat it.
For a detailed copy of the recipe follow this link kidspot  and enjoy my version of a Mexican sandwich!

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