April 17, 2009

Peanut sauce

In this day and age of nut free, lactose intolerant, minimal this, no to that- I was craving something you don't see around much anymore. Whenever you brought a satay stick at a take away joint or family fun day at the local show when I was growing up you were offered satay sauce and it was a give in you'd have it- I mean why not, that is half the meal right there! 
You'd have to lick you hand because it would be running down, the delicious creamy, nutty flavour combining with your favorite beef/chicken or pork satay is the best fete, show or holiday snack ever in my opinion.
I was down at the shops the other day with Max picking up some lemons and fresh fish for my fish & chip craving I was having (and I am talking full on, beer battered fish, not grilled- full fat indulgence, ohhh it was good!).

 There is a great little whole in the wall Asian food place I couldn't resist so I picked up a couple of chicken skewers expecting to be offered satay sauce. To my shock and horror it was naked! No sign of sauce anywhere and defiantly no 'can I get you something to go with that' coming from the friendly gentleman behind the counter.
Granted the skewer was delicious and Max and I were well impressed with the size and flavour, but I couldn't help think it was missing something. I understand there are so many people out there allergic to nuts and I also understand there are even more people allergic to dairy, garlic (I don't understand this one?) soy, blah,blah,blah BUT I was just thinking, what about all the people out there who are denied the luxuries of the 80's and 90's when it was all about flavour and culture?
 This quick and easy recipe is for all people out there like me who if they decide they want to indulge in a childhood memory then memory they shall get! This satay sauce it a great standby to have in the fridge and trust me it is easier to make than you think and 100 times yummier than the bottled variety you buy at the shops. 
Next time you are cooking up some satay's on the BBQ or purchasing them from your local, remember the satay sauce- if you can eat it without keeling over that is.

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Jessie K said...

Mmm, I've been craving your beef satays with peanut sauce. I may have to make some one of these days. (Made your friend rice the other night. Twas "exquiz"