June 1, 2009

Comfort food

I can't believe I am saying this but it is true- it's getting cold in Sydney!
All my friends in America (especially in Chicago) will be rolling their eyes and thinking I am a wimp for saying that but bloody hell the houses in Australia don't have built in heating systems!! 
Seriously when they came to building our 1960's home the only heater put into our house was in the bathroom! I don't get it? Did the old dear before us huddle in the bathroom all winter long or did she sit in the living room pretending there was only a nip in the air? She must of been a descendant from the Scottish Highlands where they breed them tough!
I am here to tell you there is more than a 'nip' once the sun goes down and the rain begins (I didn't know it rains so much in Sydney).
Because my husband and boys are like little radiators they don't seem to feel the cold. Max runs around in shorts and a t-shirt all day while Alex will change at least 5 times depending of what part of his body is feeling a bit hot. I on the other hand walk around all day long with ice cubes as fingers and toes that feel like they will drop off at any second (and that is while I am wearing my Uggs!). Bad circulation, staying stationary to long- call it what you like but it is time to bring on the comfort food!
Pies, puddings, and starch is what I am craving. I love pies and pastry so whipping up a yummy chicken and corn pie was totally on my list. There is something about the warm creamy sauce and crisp pastry combo that makes me feel warm and loved. Having said that, I also can't resist the smells of a simmering yummy meat sauce for spag bol (it sends the boys into a stupor). Of course having these yummy warm winter favorites there just has to be room left for puddin' and the more chocolate the  better- individual lava cakes with lashings of cream or the classic self saucing pudding which pretty much makes itself once in the oven.
These are some of my comfort foods for this wintry season. I've got to jump on the comfort food band wagon while I can seeing how my winters are not going to last 6 months of the year anymore and I don't care if I develop a little winter warmer around the belly just as long as it makes my hands and feet a little less frozen (right now I am missing my old apartment in Chicago where is was always a cozy 80 degrees, about 30 for us Aussies).
If you are feeling the cold like I am and you need to feel a bit more loved and comforted check out my latest recipes and get in the kitchen and start cooking! 


The Kings said...

Camilla - I know what you mean. When I lived in the US I was amazed as to how warm the houses were!!!! Here you really feel the cold as our heating isn't the same.

Camilla Baker said...

Thank you Lisa- so I am not alone!
I never wore jumpers in the States but here I live in them. Tassie must be really cool?

TKW said...

Hey, none of your comfort food is white trash food--good for you! I live in Colorado and boy, when it gets cold, all I want is a big bowl of mashed potatoes! No wonder I always gain 5 pounds in the winter.