June 7, 2009

Whole roasted fish

I was out and about the other day with Alex- ducking in and out of shops and basically driving him crazy. For some reason my kids seem to think the food should appear from thin air at there convenience. They NEVER want to come shopping with me and if by some chance I need to pick something up on the way home from school I am subjected to body throwing, pouting and nagging "why do we need to be here" or "this is SO boorrrring mum".
I mean seriously, do they think I love waking up on shopping day just bounding with enthusiasm about walking the isles of the local shops- A gourmet deli or out door seasonal market maybe but Woolworths- you've got to be joking!

We passed by the local fish mongers and the big red snappers caught Alex's eye, followed by the flounder-
"who stood on the fish mummy?"
and then of course the live crayfish in the tanks. I too was day dreaming about what I'd like to do if I could get my hands on a couple of them but alas it was not to be. Instead I decided the snapper was more in my price range and that is what we'd have for dinner. Of course Alex wanted to take home a flounder but I thought it easier to feed the family with snapper so I've left the 'flat' fish for another day.
Red snapper is a beautiful fish, lovely flaky white flesh and a great fish for kids to devour. The flavour is mild and very easy to cook. For our dinner I felt like using some spices, I do love ginger with turmeric and lime juice and it is perfect with fish- the colour also is a show stopper when you serve it. 
Once I cooked the whole snapper I usually remove the skin for Alex as it is a little bit to much flavour for him to handle at the moment. Max has moved on to eating skin and all now days however I did the same with him a few yeas ago. By removing the skin you are still introducing the kids to new flavours, just in small doses.
Served with a lovely green salad with roasted sweet potatoes and plain rice this was a really delicious family meal. The kids got to stare at the bulging white eyes of the fish after it was cooked. There interest peaked when I showed them the fish has teeth and then asked what they thought it ate before we eat it- I wonder can you say that to girls and get the same reaction of  'Ooh, cool- maybe it ate a shark?'
What ever it ate we all really enjoyed eating it!


TKW said...

Camilla, you are a rock star! Your kids look a whole fish in the face and scarf it down, skin and all (well,at least Max). You inspire me, you do.

Camilla Baker said...

Thanks your too kind!
I want to drop in on you next time I'm in the States, I feel we have like minds. Your blog cracks me up, thanks for being so open and in-your-face, it is sooo refreshing!

TheKitchenWitch said...


I gave you an award! Check my blog to pick it up!

And I'd love it if you drop in the next time you're in the States!