January 3, 2010

Divine New York Strip

After yesterdays debacle in the kitchen I wasn't at all keen on making dinner let me tell you. However Max and I took a walk earlier in the day to the local organic butcher shop so I needed to find some motivation. Nic really wanted steak and chips for dinner so I thought I'd better pull out the big guns and deliver a good piece of steak (you know I am trying to make up for the 100g's of lamb!).
All the meat looked bright, fresh and well cut. I decided on a few pieces of NY strip steak until Max started begging for the t-bone (I don't know what it is with him and bones?). Strip steak for us, t-bones for the boys, no worries.....
Diving through the veggie bin in the fridge I came across some baby endive we had left over from another meal which I thought I'd cook up for some greens; there is something wonderful about bitter greens quickly sauteed in olive oil and slivers of garlic, and what a great combo with steak.

So far the evening meal was going smashingly- potatoes were in the oven cooking, I'd found blue cheese, endive and a few pieces of Serrano ham that needed to be used up so why not turn it into a fabulous dinner (not to mention minimal work load!)
The end result was really fantastic even if I do say so myself. The steak was divine, seriously sweet, succulent meat cooked to perfection and served with bitter greens which were balance out with a slice of creamy blue cheese then highlighted with the rich flavour of Serrano ham making each mouthful a party in your mouth.
For some reason when I let my fingers do the walking and stop thinking about the end result I always seem to come up with a yummy family meal. Of course the boys didn't want the baby endive (I didn't even bother waisting it on them, just gave them extra helpings of lemon flavoured broccoli) and Max was not having any cheese on his meat which is totally fine.
 We enjoyed a beautiful family meal, with no complaints and minimal fuss- however I did get totally carried away with the steak and completely forgot to get the potato chips out of the oven until the rest of the family pointed it out to me almost as soon as I sat down.
I'll be visiting and revisiting my new organic butcher this year and looking forward to seeing what else he has to offer.


TKW said...

Is it wrong to crave a steak at 8 AM?

Camilla Baker said...

I think that is why they created minute steaks!

Bryan said...

NY Strip, Bleu Cheese and Serrano ham my mouth is watering. I can only imagine how my kitchen would look after profiteroles... funny.