January 7, 2010

The Mum's Mojito

It's holiday time!
The boys and I decided to take a short break from the shores of Sydney and visit their cousins in sunny Melbourne. We arrived yesterday, it was a beautiful summer's day as we started wandering the streets of Melbourne, taking in the sights of what my once upon-a-time hometown has to offer. I always loved living in Melbourne, there was (and still is) a wonderful magic to the city, not only is the food fantastic with abundance to choose from but I have always found I could park myself at any random cafe with a delicious latte and have one of the best stares one could hope for. All walks of life parade themselves on Melbourne's streets so why not stop and take a peek.
 I wish I could say I sat at a cafe, sipped coffee and watched what all the fabulous people were doing, but I was too busy being a grumpy mother of two little boys who decided to put me through the ringer once out of the house pounding the pavements! I think it wasn't until after the train, plain and bus ride that I finally told the two young Baker boys I was going to offer them up to anyone who wanted them if they continued fighting like a couple of alley cats.  All I asked was for them to hold hands and walk in front of me while I navigate the bags (one of which lost its wheel so it was more of a drag than pull!).
At first I thought someone might swipe one of the kids and hold them for ransom....then again who am I kidding, no one would be that game!
Anyhow to put all the bad thoughts behind, we got to the cousins' house, the boys disappeared out the back and were never to be seen again- yippee! (seriously I was at my wit's end)

Day two rocks around and the boys are off for a full day of play. I am well rested and have managed to put the day of hell behind me. Melbourne put on a pearler of a day, the sun shining with the slightest of breezes, it was one of those summer days that remind you of when you were foot loose and fancy free, not a care in the world. I had this thought as I was walking back home with my sister-in-law (Arwen) after spending a great afternoon at the park.
David (Arwen's husband) had been laying concrete and digging up the garden all day, however he had promised to make a mojito for us upon our return- something I wasn't really expecting him to do after hours of digging, lifting and and what ever else you do when laying concrete.
After a shower and a ten minute rest he was true to his word. Mint was picked from the flourishing plant by the back door, limes were cut and we (David) was in business. I know it isn't exactly a meal nor is it something to share with the kids however it was fantastic, refreshing and a wonderful treat for the hard working parents.
Thanks David for one of the best Mojito's to date, I'll be coming back for more......

David's Mojito
1 tsp sugar
7 mint leaves
juice of half a lime
crushed ice
2 measures of light rum
soda water
Place sugar, 6 mint leaves and lime juice in a highball glass and crush mint.
Add crushed ice and rum then fill with soda water.
Give a little stir, take a sip then adjust to your liking.


TKW said...

It's 2 degrees here at the moment, so looking at a mojito at 5:30 in the morning should NOT induce drooling...and yet, it did.

Happy holiday!

Bryan said...

It is 5:01 am, and the weather is the same as TKW's Oddly I am having the same reaction. The question going through my mind now is "would they smell that on my breath at work?"

This looks great!