January 24, 2010

What am I like?

The holiday is over girlfriend, so why is it you haven't been blogging? where are you Mamma?

Last night I thought I'd write a blog and pretend I hadn't really missed weeks of prime blogging time. As I sat down and started to type it really wasn't happening. Have I lost my mojo? ........no that can't be right, I love blogging, photographing food and generally driving my family crazy with 'hang on, you can eat after a few more photos' or 'hold that shot for just a second'.

 I think what it boils down to is too much going on and not enough good meals being cooked and consumed. This is a fault of mine, I have never been good at cooking for one. What about the kids I hear you say? well your right but when my number one eater goes off for a weeks worth of sleepovers and all that is left is me and my number two who only ever wants to eat pasta with green beans and cheese, and if I serve up anything different I have to deal with an hour of tears and tantrums I really do have to ask myself- is it really worth it?
I can't remember that last time I was tested this much? (well actually I can but I have put it behind me).
We all must learn from our mistakes and I do believe this will be the last time I start up a new business while adding on another business (that needs a whole new kitchen built none the less), have my husband disappear overseas for three weeks and trying to be a sole parent over the last few weeks of school holidays. Dare I say it but it is HARD WORK! I am having a whinge and a rant because I think I might loose the plot if I pretend all is A OK.

With hubby back from Italy Tuesday, school starting back Friday and (please if there is a God out there I need a little divine interference) our construction permit passed Monday then I think I could quite possibly pull myself around the corner, lift myself back up off the floor and make it all work.
 There will be a blog about food, family and fun coming up really, really soon however I thought I should just let you all know I haven't gone mad, had my hands chopped off or flown the coupe, I just got a little sidetracked with life and lost my wheels a little.
I figure Australia Day is coming up on Tuesday so a perfect day to make a fabulous traditional Aussie lunch with pavlova, cold roast chicken and a few other bibs and bobs to bring Family of Foodies back to life- promise.


Bryan said...

Glad to hear you are almost back I have missed you. You have a great way of putting food and family together that I love reading. See ya soon!

Camilla Baker said...

Thanks Bryan, that is just the feed back I need. Thanks for hanging in there

Mal Streeter said...

Bout time........ not good enough girlfriend!! ( Just joking) welcome back.

Jessie K said...

You just posted that picture to show off your rack! Come on! You know you did! =) JK

Camilla Baker said...

Ha,haa JK. I don't have you here to whip me into shape so I actually have a rack now!