February 23, 2010

Broccoli, pine nut and sultana linguini

When ideas started kicking around about the cookbook, Jessie and I were admit there would not be any pasta recipes "there every where", "who wants yet another recipe for pasta?".
 Now I am reshaping the cookbook I am being realistic, and in real life we eat pasta, actually before I started on this venture we use to eat a lot of pasta. With this in mind and knowing I need a really fast and easy meal for Tuesday nights due to sport commitments (namely my yoga class to de-stress!) I had to have a quick and easy meal we could whip up in no time at all.
This big bowl of linguini is a rip off version from a meal we had in Sicily many moons ago. Using currants, sultanas etc with pine nuts and anchovies is a very Sicilian dish and one that stuck with me years after my first mouthful in a roofless restaurant in Syracuse.

I do have to admit I haven't started adding anchovies when cooking for the family, but I love adding the pine nuts and sultanas as it entices the boys to dig a little further.  As for the broccoli well there is still a fair bit of gagging going on but nothing a bit of freshly grated parmesan cheese can't help. Tonight Alex was hungry so 80% of his meal was eaten, he just tried to leave the forest of greenery behind, however when I informed him there was no ice cream for boys who leave all the greens he then began to nibble at the tops of a few before stating he really wasn't very hungry and doesn't care about the ice cream.....
 Well it's late, I have finally pulled the last batch of scones from the oven for my early morning client and  frosted the last of the cup cakes. So with a belly full of pasta, and a delicious taste in my mouth I'll eat my words and say there is never to many good pasta recipes out there in the blog-o-sphere!


Bryan said...

Looks Wonderful, I can see the delima with pasta there are so many cookbooks out there. This looks good a little different, but family friendly.

Camilla Baker said...

HI Bryan- thanks, I am still not sure if I'll add pasta recipes I just wanted to add them for an authentic weekly menu planer.....we'll see