February 28, 2010

Friday night's Thai fish cakes with Asian coleslaw

Week one has come to an end with our menu planner and what a delicious way to see in a balmy Friday evening with Thai fish cakes. I know I am a few days late in posting but life kinda got in the way; so posting on a rainy Sunday seems appropriate......at least I got it in before next week's menu planner.

We LOVE fish in our family, yet before I started organising our family meals we rarely ate it. The fish shop was always another block down the road and I never really got there unless it was for a special occasion. Quite pathetic really seeing as every time  I serve it there never seems to be any complaints and dinner is devoured before the hour clicks over, which is more than I can say for other meals!
I know fish cakes can be off-putting to some people but if you have the right equipment, ingredients and a bit of time up your sleeve (let's say and hour while you are having your end of week glass of wine with no sporting activities to rush off to). For Friday nights fish cakes I wasn't able to cook them as I had a late delivery to drop off so Nic was in the throws of Asian coleslaw and pulsing fish when I walked in the door (and yes I did spot his opened bottle of beer!).
Nic being Nic followed the recipe to the T and we were not disappointed....actually that is not quite true. The fish cakes went down a treat and both boys asked for seconds, however the coleslaw wasn't to their liking. I am sure if you had kids that actually like normal coleslaw then they would at least have a go at my version of an Asian slaw where I make a mixture of sugar syrup, garlic (lots of garlic) fish sauce, chillies and coriander then soak the raw cabbage, onion and carrot in it to give it a lovely sweet and spicy flavour. To be fair I didn't put chilli in the family version, I just added it to my plate and with Alex Nic threw in a dollop of mayo with his raw veggies to make a classic slaw but still the nose screwed up and it was declared before even tasting it "not very nice."

So with that said, we all ate our fish cakes and even went back for seconds, however Nic and I were the only ones to get dessert and Max left the table with the comment "great fish cakes dad but don't do that salad again." Honesty stings a bit but I live in hope there are other kids out there who would love the Asian slaw as much as I.


TKW said...

I love coleslaw without mayo--yours sounds like a keeper!

Bryan said...

I usually get very honest opinions of the dishes that I make from the hardest critics ever. Your fish cakes look great and I just love Asian style slaw. Beautiful Picture by the way.

Amanda said...

Your fish cakes look delicious! Yum.

Thank you for your comment on my blog. How interesting that you're a chef! I look forward to reading your posts.