February 11, 2010

Max observes

We were all getting ready to sit down for breakfast the other morning, I got Max to set the table (which consists of him throwing knives and forks in any random order and where his brothers seat is, Max likes to set them up more like weapons!).
Alex was starving hungry due to him being so over tired the night before that he took himself off to bed without any dinner; so with me telling Max off for throwing down the cutlery, Alex dying of starvation and I was moments away from pancakes being cooked- to say it was a little manic would be an understatement.
When we finally sat down at the table there was that split second of silence while everyone was happy knowing they'd be eating within seconds and this was when Max quietly comes out with
"You know what mum, that looks like the perfect photo for your blog"
In stunned amazement (the boys are ALWAYS complaining I take way to many photos before we eat), I ran to get the camera and snapped away. There's 101 recipes for pancakes so I am not going to bore you all with yet another one but I just wanted to share my joy.
Perhaps the boys are finally excepting this as a way of life?

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Bryan said...

Congratulations on bringing a little one into the fold! Training a youngling in the ways of the food blogger. All is good.