February 25, 2010

Parmesan & rosemary chicken

I can't tell you how excited I was this morning when I looked at the meal chart and saw we were eating parmesan chicken tonight. I love this dish but I have to warn you it is not for the fat-free members of society. Don't get me wrong, I love eating healthy family meals and I must admit we do it on a regular basis, however, I am also up for the decadent delights of cream and no holds barred!!

That old saying of everything in moderation is a good one so I am guilt free when I pour on the cream and pop this little number in the oven. The smell of it cooking just kills me, I want to rip it from the oven and devour it before I get it onto the plate. A very simple recipe this one, so simple in fact I didn't realise it was missing an ingredient until after our meal. Licking my chops and listening to the boys happy noises (one loves to hear these as most evenings it is always a complaint about the lettuce being to sharp, broccoli to bushy or the fact that there are peas on the plate).

 I was going over the recipe in my head and saying to Nic how very easy it is to shake a bag of parmesan and chopped rosemary then add a chicken breast, pop it in a baking dish, pour around some cream then pop it in the oven for 20 minutes. He agreed with me and then proceeded to turn on the telly for a bit of R&R. It wasn't until I was totally relaxed and unfocused that I realised I had forgotten to add the breadcrumbs to my little bag of parmesan and rosemary!! OMG, how could I have done that? The crispy breadcrumbs with the creamy sauce. Of course this is what I had written down in the original recipe, however, I seem to think I remember everything (quite funny if you really knew me) and proceeded on with out even glancing at the recipe....shame on me.

Having said that, I now know it works well for those who need a wheat free diet. Max informed me this was the BEST meal so far and if there were thirds he'd eat them. Alex even used a knife and fork instead of fingers and managed to eat every last bite--yes!
Am I happy with the meal plan thus far? You bet ya....Thai fish cakes tomorrow, so happy.


Bryan said...

Ok you picked my dinner tonight. I have been in a chicken rut this looks wonderful.

Camilla Baker said...

Ooh you won't be disappointed-- I understand the chicken rut. This will take you 15 minutes and in the oven ;0)

TKW said...

You know it's a great recipe when you leave out an ingredient and it is STILL deemed delicious!

Bryan said...

Camilla, Just made this tonight... Wow! Everybody loved it thanks this one is a keeper

Camilla Baker said...

That is great Bryan, I am so pumped you all enjoyed it- with our without breadcrumbs?