July 11, 2010

Brussel sprouts on the out

Max has been hounding me for the past week for some ribs. I popped into my butcher the other day and tried to pick up a few slabs, however he had them covered in a very dark, thick sauce and lets face it, I can be a bit of a food snob.  I declined and said I'd come back when he had plain ribs. He probably took offence but I just couldn't do it. We all LOVE ribs in our family and I couldn't just serve a 'she'll be right' marinade that I have no idea what is in it....... Max had to wait another week.
 I finally went back the following week and he had the plain variety ready and waiting, so dinner was a no brainer. I did however spot some beautiful little petite brussel sprouts at the veg store and thought they would be delicious smothered in butter and sea salt. It was quickly pointed out to me that I was a mean mummy for destroying the whole evening meal by adding those disgusting things to a perfectly awesome meal.
That's right, my brussel sprouts went down like a lead balloon. I pointed out that they were so small and succulent, they might be surprised to find them very yummy. Of course a heated argument started between me and my very opinionated 8 year old, with it all ending in the line..... "you'll at least try ONE!"
One it was, no more no less. My four year old went the path of lies and deceit. At first he told me he ate it first; to get it out of the way (which I believed), then taunted his brother with jabs of 'ha,ha you still have yours etc..."
It wasn't until after Max popped the singular sprout in his mouth and begun throat acrobatics to swallow the dam thing that Nic noticed the lone brussel sprout under Alex's chair! In true Alex fashion he stated that yes, it was his and there was no way he was ever going to eat it. He jumped down from the table, brushed his teeth and hid in his room!
Max on the other hand finally swallowed the sprout, came out in a hot sweat and vowed NEVER to eat another brussel sprout as long as he shall live. He then continued to gnaw on the rib bones for the next 10 minutes.
After 8 years of trying, I think I shall finally give up on the hope Max (and now Alex) will learn to appreciate brussel sprouts. I wonder if I'll ever see the green sprout pass across their lips again??


Bryan said...

Funny, thanks I needed a laugh. I like Brussels sprouts... have for quite a while, however I don't think that I have come across a vegetable that sparks such strong opinions!

Mal Streeter said...

Your dad HATES Brussel sprouts also!! Remember Tasha and the broccoli....... give up and eat them all yourself...I do.

TKW said...

Sounds like dinner in my house.