July 24, 2010

Burramundi with Asian flavours

I've been meaning to blog about this meal I made last week. I can still remember the lovely textures and flavours it produced.  I had recently bought Kylie Kwong's  recipe book Simple Chinese Cooking. I love her food, restaurant and t.v stints so I thought I should also own one of her books.

The pictures are beautiful, enticing and vibrant and I was determined to make one of the dishes. Nic came home from work with fresh barramundi and that's when I started flicking through the pages. I finally settled on a steamed fish dish that sounded perfect for the family, however as I went through my fridge and pantry I discovered...
a) I don't have a steamer at home anymore (took it to work, just like everything else I have in the kitchen!)
b) I only had half the ingredients.

I decided to use the pictures in the book for ideas and then create something with my limited supply. I had decided to pan sear the fish and then spoon over a similar ginger and Chinese sherry sauce that Kwong was talking about in her fish recipe- I was getting excited. I'd chopped up the vegetables, pounded my ginger and coriander root; added the sherry, fish sauce etc... when I suddenly remembered I had a packet of Japanese panko bread crumbs in the cupboard. I could taste the dish before I'd made it. Soft, steamed rice with barramundi coated in a light layer of crisp bread crumbs soaking up a the rich Chinese sauce- yumm!
Our fish supper was a success, a beautiful blend of textures and flavours. It was one of those occasions when the table was quiet and all you could hear were the clicking of chopsticks and forks.
 When I eventually get my steamer back I'm going to following Kwong's recipe and see how far off I really was, however the next recipe I will be following in her book is the crispy-skin runny eggs with sweet and sour sauce......the photo is to die for!


Bryan said...

Sounds wonderful, great that you could pull it together without your tools (or half the ingredients). Shows the kind of Chef you are.

TKW said...

Love that you could improvise your way through! Looks healthy and delicious!