February 10, 2011

Martini-induced dinner

Friday afternoon is a time I really enjoy. It doesn't matter if I have to work the weekend because Friday night is all mine.  I get to sit back, relax and let my darling hubby make me one of his fabulous dry martinis -if I wasn't such a guzzler I'd have taken a photo of it beforehand.....maybe next time, or the time after that?

With blue cheese and crackers on the balcony, martini and scotch in hand, Nic and I unwind from the week. The pure luxury of having the evening to ourselves without sporting events to drop the kids at, teaching nights or last minute catering deliveries to attend to is fabulous.  Friday is, 99% of the time, our night.
I'm not to sure if it's a sign of age or I'm just not able to drink the way I use to but I have to admit I get a little warm and fuzzy on the tail end of my martini. My mind and body let go of the week and I kinda get a little chatty and silly and all I can say to that is THANK GOD. Because for the rest of the week it's GO, GO- run here there and everywhere and the fun is totally sucked from my week, so, I enjoy my 'letting go' served with two green olives!

We'd made dinner early for the boys as they were starving and wanted to go off and play Harry Potter for the early evening, so we made the most of it and relaxed. In fact we relaxed so much we didn't realise how late it was. Nic rushed the boys into bed while I started dinner.

Something yummy and fast was in order as I was starving and feeling a bit tipsy. I think this meal took me about 15 minutes to pull together (just about as long as potatoes take to boil). While the steaks were cooking I really needed a sauce and I happened to be in luck. A few days earlier I'd roasted a chicken for another meal and for some reason I decided to save the juices and fat of the chicken and store it in the fridge. This is VERY unusual for me. I am always trying to find healthy alternatives to fat....not this time!
I scooped off a little of the lard and sauteed some onions in it before adding sliced mushrooms and garlic. The smell was intoxicating and I could help myself so I added a little more lard then quickly tossed the rest in the bin so I wouldn't be tempted any more (note to self- martini is evil to my butt). Anyway BEFORE  I threw the fat away I pulled out the chicken jelly that had formed under the fat and added this to my mushroom sauce. Best idea ever!!! In about 5 minutes I had a divine, rich and succulent mushroom sauce that just oozed flavour (and fat). Quick as a flash I chopped up some parsley to throw in to stop the guilt creeping in, I guess I could of had another martini but then I would of be on the floor and faster than Nic could say 'goodnight and sleep tight' to the boys!

For someone in a relaxed state of mind I was mightily impressed with this quick and totally delicious dinner. Fat is bad, fat is evil but chicken lard in a mushroom sauce is nothing but pure heaven!
I think my thighs are telling me Nic needs to cook this Friday night however.


TKW said...

I'm coming to YOUR house next Friday--sounds like heaven!

Camilla Baker said...

I'll pop another glass in the freezer!! Your welcome any time x

Bryan said...

What a great evening! I know I shoudn't either, but I just love the flavor that added fat like that brings to the healthy veggies. A Martini or two before eating does make dinner interesting.

Bryan said...

Oh, and put in another glass for me, I could use a cold martini and a break from the Chicago weather.