February 5, 2011

Sushi for two

I have to say it.....it's HOT people! When the temperature climbs over 40 degrees (100 something) in Sydney, you know about it. I'd love to say I'm used to it and all is hunky dory but that would be lying. I HATE the heat. I go red, get itchy lumps on my feet, sweat more than any girl I know and am irritable all the time- a joy to be around I know.....I even annoy myself!

Nic was out, Max was at a sleepover and I'd just royally screwed up an order at work where by I ordered 40 pieces of sushi instead of 10 pieces of sushi cut into 40 rounds!! (all I can say is the heat must have got to me).
Anyway, Alex and I were fending for ourselves and we both have a love of sushi (thank god- Max on the other hand really isn't impressed by the stuff at all). When it is hot as can be, and you have no interest in stepping into the kitchen because the surrounding room feels like an oven anyway, I think my mistake was the best thing that could have happened to me.
Luckily I had a lovely bottle of sauvignon blanc  in the fridge and ice cubes in the freezer, because this is what saved me from going completely mad!
I cut the sushi into manageable bites for Alex and I. Iced water for him and a cool glass of vino bianco for me while we plopped ourselves in front of the a/c and telly, and ate a delicious selection of sushi for dinner. My favourite was the tempura prawn while Alex ate his weight in the tuna and corn sushi. We both tucked into way too many chicken tepenyaki but still managed to find room for the crab and avocado rolls.
So if you are ever in the predicament of having to cook dinner on a bloody hot evening I recommend that you leave the oven off, hop in the car and pick up a big order of sushi. You'll be ecstatic, your 5 year old will be ecstatic and you'll have more time for another glass of sav blanc instead of doing the dishes.... Right about now, I'm loving my mistake.


Bryan said...

I can't imagine it being hot anywhere on earth right now... From my window it looks like an ice age ia beginning.

Sounds like a great treat for the two of you cold and yummy and good company too I like the evenings that end up like that.

Susie said...

So glad you stopped by my blog, we both have Nics! But you, have all the sun and warmth right now. In the deep South the summers are oppressive, but this winter is the worst I have ever experienced. What fun to read your warm weather posts while I am debating what kind of soup to make for the next round of snow this week!