February 14, 2011

Stanley came to dinner

I have been keeping my eye on the post for the past week,  I was expecting a letter that hadn't arrived yet. Of course I blamed it on the crazy weather we have been having all over the world lately (so if you sent it late Bryan then I haven't blamed you!).
 My dear friend Bryan asked if I'd entertain the idea of having his daughters flat Stanley come for a trip to Australia. I of course was happy to help and looking forward to showing off the Sydney opera house and Harbour bridge.
It was Friday afternoon when Nic tossed a letter onto the counter addressed to me. I looked at the envelope and couldn't quite register- District 54, where do I know that from? I looked at it again and then wondered if it was something random from our council?
When I finally got around to opening the letter, out flew Stanley and it all fell into place! The reason I was having so much trouble remembering was Max started his school years at District 54!

Stanley was just in time for dinner- nice work!
We have had hot days here the past few weeks and I've been in the habit of low fuss, quick meals. My favourite of this variety is some sort of roast meat with salad roast potatoes or couscous........ polenta and the list goes on. I had a rolled pork shoulder in the fridge and decided to get it in the oven asap so I could remove myself from the kitchen (see, why wouldn't you learn how to cook a roast?)

To give it a bit of added flavour and to kill two birds with the one stone I sat the pork on a roughly cut array of veggies (onion, carrot, garlic cloves, celery and leeks) and then coated the pork in olive oil fennel seeds and lemon. Once the outside skin is covered in a light drizzle of oil I mix fennel seeds, cracked black pepper and sea salt together then use my hands to rub it all over the pork skin and meat. I poked the pork roll with a sharp knife to send some of the seasoning in a little deeper under the skin for added flavour.
Just before I placed the pork shoulder onto my veggie layer I cut two chunky pieces of lemon and attached them to the bottom of the pork so it infused both the meat and the vegetables giving me a wonderful pan sauce to drizzle over the meat once it is cooked and ready to serve.

Stanley arrived just as I pulled this baby out of the oven.
 I was so excited he finally arrived on Friday because it meant I could show him the sights this weekend and then have him back in the post for a speedy return......but then I kinda got myself into a bit of a situation......

I broke my ankle!
I know, I know, what the? Well I was as surprised as you. Here I am ready for a great weekend. I was off to a good start with Saturday morning exercise, except I happened to fall a freakish way in pilates (cardiolates, which is pilates on a trampoline) and managed to snap a part of my ankle bone.
 I heard a crack, fell to the floor and just thought '..hm mm that's not good' before using a few bad words and calling for my mummy.

So instead of spending my day around the harbour with the family, I managed to drive them all nuts with visits to the doctors office, x-ray places and then to top off the day a quick trip to ER for the cast. If I wasn't so selfish and thinking about me I should of bought Stanley along for a photographic journey of Sydney hospitals, however, I was in shock and Stanley stayed on the lounge room coffee table.

Bryan I will get him out of the house and seeing a few cool things it just might take a little bit longer, I am sorry.
As for me, I'll be one legged or is that 3 legged for the next 6 weeks trying to keep it all together in the kitchen and at home. Thank god I am surrounded by great people who can help me out- Nic your the best BTW xx You never know I might even get more time to blog!
Stay safe dear readers and watch your step :0)


Veggie Mama said...

Um, OW!! you poor thing! Pilates on a trampoline CANNOT be normal!

Thanks for linking me up! I totally need to do something similar.

Hope time flies and you're back on your feet again soon x

The Kings said...

Oh no!!!! Hope it heals quickly.

Bryan said...

Yea! Stanley got there and he looks in great shape!

Boo! you broke your leg, I am so sorry to hear that. Thank you so much for helping out my friend!

Jessie K said...

I can't believe it!! Try not to jog on that foot. Knowing you, CB, you probably will give it a whirl anyway! Heal up!