July 23, 2008

Nacho night

We try not to fill the kids up on 'junk'. They don't get to eat potato chips unless they are at a party or they are at a friends house, so when I came up with the idea to have nachos for dinner one night Max cheered and Alex looking all confused, cheered right along with him. Once the seed was planted and I was in the kitchen beginning my mission, Max saddled up beside me and said 'You do know nachos have chips don't you mum?' (poor confused child) I said I knew this and that is was OK. 
 I love chips- potato, corn, sweet potato, polenta anything fried in clean oil with salt added....I'm there, and that is the exact reason why we don't have 'chips' around the house. I would have no problem scoffing the entire bag in one afternoon sharing only the crumbs. I figure the boys will get to do the same soon enough.
  My mum use to make a bean/vegetable mix when I was growing up in Tasmania, Australia. I lived in a Bed & Breakfast/Restaurant between the ages of 13-17, so when we came home from school my sister and I would always have scones with jam and cream, date scones with lashings of butter, sticky date pudding (only on a rare occasion) and nachos for after school snacks- needless to say the waist band on our school skirts got a bit tight!

 Nachos were my favorite in winter, next to the sticky date pudding (that is a whole other story). Cheesy and thanks to the beans mum use to put in the mix, very filling. Since living in America I have discovered Mexican chilies and I haven't looked back. So when I decided to recreate mum's nachos I added a bit of fire to Nic and mine with dried habanero chilies. I soaked them first in boiling water, took the seeds out and then added them to our batch after I removed the boys portion and kept it chili and cilantro free (not a herb they have caught onto yet).
Needless to say this dinner is ALWAYS a huge success. Boys are happy as can be with their bean nachos topped with sour cream and cheese while Nic and I are enjoying the delicious flavor of the habanero chili an beans mixed with guacamole, sour cream, and salty corn chips. A meal any vegetarian would be proud of.  Of course nothing helps wash it down more than an icy cold beer.

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Sara said...

So, Camilla.....when would you like to come over and make me a nacho dinner? Seriously. When? My mouth is watering. Between your description and the picture, I'm craving a heaping plate right now!