July 11, 2008

Who wants a hot dog?

Ball games, parties, B.b.q's (or as it has been pointed out to me- cook outs) are where I like to see hot dogs, but every now and again we do have them for dinner. The boys of course want the white bun with dog, ketchup, mustard and pickles- what ever! If you want to eat that for dinner there are going to be a few rules and surprisingly they comply. 

For example, tonight is 'hot dog night' but the boys have to choose what vegetables they want with the dog. Corn on the cob and green beans with mint and lemon have won first place so I am happy to give them the dog- however, I'll be serving it on a whole grain bun along with ours. I am not going to take all the fun away, so they can have the beloved 'game ball dog', we'll be having the juicy brats I got from Trader Joe's yesterday. We'll all share the veggies but we'll have sauerkraut topped with seeded mustard and grated sharp cheddar to bring it all home. 

I never use to be flexible and I was a grumpy mum. Now I have changed and compromised, I'll  know they will eat a healthy meal and I'll be able to slather min dog in mustard and butter (you know I will) every one wins and I don't have to be nagged for 'hot dogs' for another month. Oh yeah that is my other policy- if you get the dog, your good for the month.

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