July 15, 2008

When do you listen and take note...

It is Alex's 3rd birthday on Saturday. It is hard to believe he is almost 3 and yet harder to believe his suggestion for a cake!
I always ask the boys what they would like for 'party food' and what cake they would like. Alex thought for a while and then yelled (as he is in the habit of yelling everything these days) PAVLOVA- WITH LOTS OF CREAM!!!!
I made the one above a few months ago and it has stuck in is mind and obviously in his palette. I couldn't of been happier as they are easy to make for a large group of people and it is the perfect season to take full advantage of the delicious summer fruits. 
Well of course the conversation hits a curve ball when Max pulls a face and puts on his BEST whine and congers up a few crocodile tears. The conversation begins 'OOOhhhh that's not fair, I won't be able to have ANY birthday cake- what about me????' (bottom lip drops and tears well) Of course Alex jumps to his big brothers rescue and says 'It's OK Max I'll choose something else'. 
Now the whole problem is the WORD cream. Max truly believes he hates cream. Of course his father cannot believe any son of his could say such a thing, but Max has stuck to this statement for the past 3 years- however sometimes I forget or it doesn't fit with the dinner I have prepared so I add it and wait for the storm. I have been waiting a while- it seems Max has gotten over the cream issue and actually eats it if he doesn't hear the word. For example, when I made the above pavlova, he was the first in line to gobble up a massive piece and try to come back for seconds. When I brought this to his attention in a hope to convince Alex to stick with is first choice, Max looks at me and says that it was not cream,' I think you used that Italian stuff' (marscapone).
Alex has now set his focus on the new birthday cake. The instructions I have are as follows:
It has to be GREEN with green frosting, filled with strawberries....LOTS of strawberries, green lollie pops and a Star Wars figure on top-" YES mummy, that is exactly what I want"
Cake anyone????


Jessie K said...

Love the pic and the post.....especially the part about Alex's request for such a grown-up dessert! You teach them well!

Roisin said...

Wow - delicious looking pavlova. Can't wait to give that a lash - I hope Alex drops the green lollie pop star wars request, much prefer the pav!!!!