July 4, 2008

Sour kids

Be it, lemons, olives, pickles, feta etc whenever I put one or two of these ingredients in the boys food it is almost a give in they will eat the arugula, spinach or tomato it is paired with (sometimes through gritted teeth)

 Max HATES peas but loves bacon and lemon. Alex pretends to hate peas to show his 'brotherly love' but truly HATES salad. My compromise was this-
I wanted the preserved lemon and pea risotto with crisp panchetta for dinner, knowing the boys would make every face in the world when the green peas came into sight. I wanted the cucumber salad on the side also. To get what I wanted the boys risotto got made into half a dozen mini balls, dusted in corn starch and then lightly pan fried (changing the green peas to brown crisp bits). The cucumber salad was drenched in lemon and olive oil with the crisp panchetta crumbled on top.
 We all sat at the dinner table and everyone is happy until a pea is spotted of course! Still finishing the meal sounded like a better option for Max than going to bed on a half empty stomach. A few tweaks made my life so much smoother in the kitchen and we all enjoyed the delicious flavors of salty/sour. 
Just before bed the boys did ask- 'could we PLEASE have pizza tomorrow night?' I figure they sat threw my dinner request I am sure I can whip up a delicious pizza, after all Jamie Oliver's basic bread recipe has NEVER failed me yet!


Lisa R. said...

Considering my kids don't eat lemons (unless its a drop), olives, feta, arugula, spinach or tomatoes (unless they are blended to a ketchup color) I am truly inspired by your blog. I think I'd just like to show up to your house every night for dinner.

Great blog - I'll be checking in for inspiration!

Roisin said...

Given all the mouthwatering ideas so far, I think if this post had been an actual recipe for 'Sour Kids' - (my curiosity was piqued) - I probably would have given it a whirl!!

How about a recipe for those preserved lemons?

Sue said...

I reckon that Max knows the answer to the teatime-stopping question posed by my then 4-year-old, now 19-year-old, son, "Mummy, what's INSIDE peas?" - that would explain his revulsion!

preserved lemon recipe, pretty please?