August 3, 2008

Summer salad

It's over halfway through summer and we are getting one step further to Alex actually eating salad for lunch. His list of foods he 'hates' is narrowing but how ever much I try he still clams up when I ask him to eat a tomato or a piece of arugula- however he will now eat ice-burg lettuce if sliced thinly (a small victory for Nic and I). 
When I was making the above salad for lunch today, Max wanted to help so I got him to squeeze the lemon juice into the jar, pour in the oil, add the dried oregano we got from our neighbours yard in Virginia and smash a garlic clove. I popped the lid on, added a bit of salt and pepper then he gave it a shake and presto a yummy vinaigrette to go with our salad. The question I was faced with next was 'mum, why are you putting in tomato if you know Alex hates it?' I told Max he hated tomato once 'I did not- I have always eaten it' was his reply. I told him I add the tomato because we all love it and Alex is learning to enjoy it. He may not like the texture but he enjoys the taste when combined with his love- legumes. I think Max stopped listening after I opened my mouth but that didn't stop him from asking me 10 more questions while preparing lunch!
 I wanted to have a Greek salad but I knew Alex would freak if he saw so many tomatoes. I added the black beans for two reasons. One, to draw Alex's attention away from the red beasts and secondly, my boys appetites is so large these days I have to come up with new ways to fill them.
Black beans and garlic bread did the trick!


Sara said...

Because of this blog, I'm making this for my lunch tomorrow!Though I don't need to be distracted from the tomato, I will add the beans. Sounds (and looks) delicious. Thanks, Camilla.

David . . . . . . . . . said...

Last week Alex's aunty came to stay, she didn't eat her tomato either! Perhaps it is in the family.
Looks like a yum salad. We look forward to trying it.

Camilla Baker said...

That is great Sara- you'll love it! so easy and filling.

I knew Alex was more like his aunty than just the blonde hair!