August 11, 2008

Watermelon on the beach

There are times when mum's want to just get away from it all, have a nice glass of wine and talk about anything other than kids. That is exactly what myself and a few girlfriends did last Thursday evening. It was a beautiful afternoon, so we decided to set up camp at the beach after we put the kids down for the night and left the husbands to do what ever it was they were doing. The ladies and I headed out to the soft sand and choppy waters of Lee Street beach in Evanston. 
I had recently gone shopping the day before and Alex picked out the largest watermelon he could find. Seeing as it was only .24 cents per pound I didn't argue with him- however there was to much melon for us to handle so I decided to make a watermelon and radish salad for our soiree at the beach. My good friend Roisin has a blooming vegetable garden with forests of mint and the lushest basil plants I have seen in a long time- I invited myself in and started picking! 
Big chunks of sweet watermelon, radish slices soaked in lime juice and olive oil, julienne mint and basil all tossed together, finished with crumbled feta. It was a great combination of salty sweet especially when paired with Mary Lisa's delicious crunchy noodle salad. A night to remember and still mountains of watermelon left to dribble down our faces the very next day- I love summer!

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