August 5, 2009

Burgers of the LARGE kind

My copy of the latest Saveur magazine arrived a couple of days ago and on the front cover is a delicious looking burger. The photo is awesome and got me completely hooked on wanting one of my own. Nic arrived home later in the evening and I saw the drool escaping his mouth as he was flipping through the magazine.
Saveur is my all time favorite food magazine because it is all about food, real people producing real food and the writers travel everywhere and anywhere to bring their readers the best meals, dishes, stories and produce they can find. I have been buying this mag for 5 years and never tire of it.
This months issue is devoted to the burger and what an issue it is, I for one ran out and brought all the ingredients needed for a delicious burger. When shopping I had a bit of a moment and to this day I still can't believe I flaked out but I have the evidence (actually had the evidence, we demolished it last night). I stood in front of the mince meat section at the shops and began trying to find a bargain. I thought I saw organic minced beef for the same price as regular beef mince. I went back and forth with them both trying to find what was wrong and in the end decided Woollies made a labeling mistake and I go home the winner. I popped the organic 'beef' mince in the trolley and began buying other ingredients to make my awesome burger.
Once I got home I bragged to Nic that I was able to buy organic beef for the same price as the other beef, explaining their stuff up. With that said my practical husband picks up the meat in question and says "so why does this say organic minced lamb?"
Sometimes I really could give myself a bloody good kick up the backside. Lamb? but I was dreaming about beef. Don't get me wrong I love lamb but when I think of a burger I am all about the beef. Any who after reading through a few stories in the Saveur I decided the writer was right, you can't really go wrong with a burger no matter what the style you are eating, they all seem to taste awesome (we are talking about the home made variety people!)

Because I had lamb instead of beef I decided to work in garlic to the dinner and I also knew we were going to have oven roasted chips with the burger as it is the best marriage in my opinion so I chopped the potatoes, threw in heaps of garlic cloves and banged them in a really hot oven to go crisp on the outside and soft and creamy in the middle. While they were cooking I worked on our burgers, Nic took the boys off to footy practice while I played in peace.
In the end I decided to caramelize some onions, boil up some fresh beetroots because there is nothing better than fresh beets on a burger and pulled the pickled jalapenos from the fridge. Whilst grabbing for the peppers I eyeballed my homemade BBQ sauce I had made for the ribs a few weeks ago and thought why the hell not!
The boys all rocked in from footy practice, Max and Alex in heaven with the smell of the burgers cooking while I put it all together. Just before pulling the meat patties from the grill I dropped a big dollop of spicy BBQ sauce onto adults burgers followed by the aged cheddar I picked up from the shops (The boys tried it and decided it was to hot for them and they wanted the regular cheese- no worries!). While the cheese was melting I applied lashings of mayo to the bun followed with lettuce, tomato and sliced beets; placed the lamb burger on followed with caramelized onion and chopped jalapenos. I was is heaven, the boys told me I better not photograph their dinners because they were sooooo hungry Oh, and to put on extra chips but keep the caramelized garlic to ourselves- with that said I happy obliged.
I have to say dinner was one of the best flaky moments I have had in a long while and I am now wanting to go on a all burger diet, alas my thighs will not be thanking me, nor will my cholesterol level, so bring on moderation, make a burger with all your favorites and enjoy every mouthful....oh and don't forget the oven roasted chips!

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TKW said...

The clean plate says it all! The lamb burgers (chuckle) look wonderful.