August 4, 2009

New toy #3

I am so happy and excited, I bought myself a new toy........ actually I brought it for my sanity! My day begins with the words "I'm hungry" and then they roll into "I'm starving" and then I am lucky enough to have Alex at home with me 5 days a week continually telling me these phrases over and over and over again until I want to throw him from the house.
Living with two active and sporty boys has given me a new out look on feeding a family. Max is at the stage of hoovering up anything in his path without to much questioning. Alex is continually hungry (or so he says) BUT will still question everything that is put in front of him and for this reason I have no problems starving him (this is what he tells me I am doing when I won't feed him 50 minutes after a massive lunch).
To help me in my quest of keeping the boys from fading away I have brought a jaffle maker. I love these things, we use to have one when I was a kid and the list was endless as to what you put inside; baked beans and cheese, bacon and eggs, spag bol and cheese etc, etc... The jaffle maker is also going to be my number one tool for moving leftovers in the house (there is only so much I can eat). Because the Baker boys are so turned off by leftovers I simply pull out my trusty jaffle maker, butter the outsides of bread, fill the inside with whatever is lurking, add some cheese for the melted effect, put the top slice on and let it work it's magic.
Before the boys can tell me they are waisting away I have two jaffles made and sitting in front of them ready to be devoured AND if I happen to have leftover mince and cabbage from the night before, all is shoveled in before the realization hits them.
Bellies full, I'm not getting nagged to death and leftovers gone- bring on the teenagers.



TKW said...

Never heard the word jaffle maker! I think what you have is similar to a panini press, which we love and use tons!

Jessie K said...

Mmm, sounds delish. Alex looks like he is in heaven!! Do not disturb the lion as he eats his jaffle. Ha ha!

Camilla Baker said...

I didn't think jaffle makers were in the States, they are kind of like a panini press but not quite. Come on over and I'll show you!

Nice one JK- these do keep him occupied for 20 minutes, nice!

Tarsh said...

Mmmmm I love my jaffle iron! Katie made me a bacon & egg jaffle the day I moved into my new house & I had the same look on my face as Alex when I devoured it.