August 19, 2009


So you know we started the evening meal with in line was simply grilled flathead fillets. I didn't want to do anything elaborate with the fish because it was super fresh and I wanted to taste the flavour of the fish. For those of you who don't know flathead, it is a very flaky white fish with a hint of sweetness.
To compliment the fish I served it with a creamy guacamole (meaning I mushed 3/4 of the avocado and left the remaining in chunks) and fresh green beans that I tossed through some garlic butter I found in the freezer (from the grilled steak I did a few weeks back). The buttery garlic flavour complimented the fish and guacamole beautifully. Of course I needed some grains so I served it on top of couscous. The whole meal took about 20minutes to make and serve- right up my alley!
The boys are not a big fan of avocado so I served them a salad of carrot sticks and cucumber tossed through lemon and extra virgin olive oil (one of their favorites), serving beans and salad was a bit odd but no complaints so there you have it. A delicious fish dinner made in 20 minutes and everyone was happy!

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TKW said...

Guacamole is just about my favorite thing on the planet. Looks like a heavenly feast.