August 13, 2009

What to do with the leftover roast?

Roast chicken is one of the leftovers my boys will eat. I could lay out a whole chook, tell them it had been roasted a week before and they would happily devour it, but leftover veggies? Not a chance in hell!
I on the other hand will happily eat soft, cold, roasted pumpkin; I've been known to spread it on rolls instead of butter which brings cries of despair from Max & Alex.
I had a plan for the leftovers and one that I knew would work- risotto!
Risotto is the best way to disguise soft roasted vegetables enabling me to slip in the fennel they did not eat the night before because it looked "disgusting".
I make pumpkin risotto quite often so it didn't raise any red flags for the boys when I placed a big steaming bowl of orange risotto in front of them, I even got a 'this is good mum, did you put sugar in?'
Sugar indeed! That is what you get when you pop in the leftover fennel you boys didn't eat last night if you really must know (and no I didn't say that out loud, I just smiled and told them to eat up).
If I had a $1 for every time the kids told me they hated something and would NEVER eat it I'd be awash with gold coins! The fact that they didn't ask if fennel was in the risotto meant that I didn't have to lie to them so everyone wins and I don't have a fridge full of small containers growing mould on them because I'm the only one who will polish them off. Now I just need to find something lurking in there for tomorrow nights tea.

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TKW said...

Mmmmmmm, risotto! Looks lovely. I love that they thought fennel was sugar!