August 18, 2009

Oysters Kilpatrick

I am so excited, it has been a very long time since I have had oysters in the house and because my mum arrived for a visit yesterday we got spoilt rotten. I had to do a quick whip around the grocery shops and thought mum would like to come for a look (knowing the produce would be a little different than what she gets in Tassie). Mum wasn't disappointed and also brought us some oysters and flathead fillets to prove it.
I love oysters, my favorite way to eat them is straight from the shell with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice a pinch of pepper and down the hatch. The mix of sea water, tangy lemon and the creamy oyster has me craving more every time.
Nic brought it to our attention that he had never tried oysters Kilpatrick before, mum and I were staggered as it is one of our favorite ways to eat an oyster if consuming on a cold night. For those of you how don't know Oysters Kilpatrick it is and oyster that has diced bacon and Worcestershire sauce piled on top of it and then popped under a grill to crisp up the bacon and warm the oyster. The flavour is much richer than a-la-natural but a pleasant and delicious alternative with a meat flavour.
I am not to sure Nic was convinced he should be eating oysters warm. I have a feeling he prefers them straight from the ocean but at least he has now tried them. Three oysters natural and three Kilpatrick were perfect for me and brought back memories of me eating them when I was a kid however I didn't even bother offering any to the boys because if I have to be honest- I didn't want to share and I was pretty sure they would of taken one look and opted for a bag of chips instead!
The oysters were a fantastic way to begin our seafood meal and I have to say we all loved the flathead we had for a main but I'll have to tell you about that tomorrow.......


TKW said...

I'm not an oyster fan, but put bacon on anything and I think I'm game! Enjoy your mum's visit!

Justin said...

i love my oysters as simple as possible, but this looks pretty darned good

Camilla Baker said...

Seriously if you haven't tried them, give it a go they really are delicious and very simple to make.

Thanks TKW we are having a great time :)