March 23, 2010

15minute dinner

Tuesday night's rush hour dinner. Firstly, I have to tell you I was suppose to pre-make basil pesto, however I have set a trend for this week and HAVEN'T prepped anything to make my life easier on the nights I really need it.
Tonight's meal was going to be pesto pasta with roast chicken.....
I went to the shops and bought a delicious pre-roasted chook on the way home from footy practice knowing I had to duck out 45 minutes later to go to pilates, (sadly late work commitments made sure this part didn't happen!). While I had the boys in the bath I decided to boil left over potatoes I had in the cupboard, while making pesto. Two out of three isn't bad; pulling a bunch of basil from the fridge I realised I only had half of it left--not enough to make pesto for four!
Thinking on my feet and remembering a great little pesto Vince my old head chef use to make, I improvised. I threw in two tomatoes, one clove of garlic, a small packet of pine nuts, all the basil I could pick from the dying twigs and push the processors 'on' button. Once everything was all chopped I slowly added extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper and kept blending for a few more seconds. The smell was getting me excited, the potatoes we almost done, Nic walked in the door, and the boys splashed out of the bath to the chorus of "dinner ready yet?"
I wasn't so sure if it was really enough for an evening meal even if I did add olives and avocado, however I didn't hear any complaints until after Alex had eaten 90%of his dinner and informed me that he didn't really like the pesto thingy, but the olives and potato were good.
 I am going to make this pesto again for sure, it was so easy, quick and really tasty. It would go well on pasta, fish, potatoes and anything else you could think of. A healthy 15 minute dinner for a busy family; I would definitely recommend this over take out any day.

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Bryan said...

The pesto sounds great. It is one of those things that is so much easier than people think.

Good use of the grocery store roaster, I like the way you put this one together.