March 5, 2010

Steak tagliata

When I started planning our weekly dinners this week I knew I had to come up with something meaty after asking the boys to eat vegetable burgers the night before. You see I am not as mean as my kids would like to believe.
I knew Max would be right on  my heels Wednesday night when the dinner hour came around. I think it was just after I picked him up from school that I got my first cross examination regarding dinner.
'Wait and see' I said with a smirk on my face. (I know I shouldn't play with his emotions but wheres the fun in giving in so easily?).
Steak tagliata is one of my all time favourite ways to eat steak. When we were lucky enough to dine out while living in Florence a few years back, (thanks to family and friends coming to visit and offering to babysit two little boys, who we later found out cried for hours after we left the house; however, no one told us this until a year or two later!) I would order this nine times out of ten. Simple presentation, basic ingredients combined with excellent produce equals awesome meal in my books.
Steak tagliata is steak (doesn't really matter what cut, however, in Florence you'd usually get rib eye) cooked on a BBQ, rested then sliced into thin strips and served with a beautiful rocket and parmesan salad on top of your sliced meat. Like I said, a very simple meal but truly delicious!

Because I was cooking for the family I needed to add a few vegetables so I roasted off some pumpkin, beans and potatoes to serve with the steak and salad. I bought some lovely pieces of new york strip steak from our butcher and proceeded to make dinner in less time it took the boys to tidy their room and set the table (I don't know about you but room tidying in this house is painful for all involved!).

Needless to say we all licked our plates clean! Nic and I ended up eating all the pumpkin as I didn't want any more dramas with vegetables this week, and the boys polished off the roasted green beans and even asked for seconds.
Serving pre sliced steak to Alex is the best way for him to eat meat, he doesn't have to chew for hours on end and will even eat a bit of the salad because it has nothing but parmesan cheese and a balsamic vinaigrette served with it. I will always come back to this meal as it brings back memories of our brief time in Italy, pretending we really did fit in with the locals.


TKW said...

I bet your little meat eater was pleased with this meal! Delicious!

Barbara said...

So many meals bring back pleasant travel memories!
This recipe looks delicious and certainly would make your meat-eaters happy!
(I knew you weren't mean!)