March 11, 2010

Last day of detox

Day three is DONE! I did it, and I didn't slip, slide away on that slippery slope of giving in at the last moment which I use to do in my younger years (I guess I didn't really have much self control in my 20's and that is probably why this is my first real detox, cleans EVER).

I mentioned in my last post that I was to give a cooking class on my last night of detox and I have to say it was a struggle to stay on track when some of my all time favourite smells keep wafting up my nose--garlic, coriander (cilantro); beef searing with onions (has to one of my all time faves) and not to mention the absolute delight on my students faces as they are digging into their feast of fajitas with tomato salsa, freshly made guacamole, soft beans with melted cheese and corn tortillas. I sat there talking a mile a minute and sipping my water when my mind started to linger on the steaming food in front of me. I have made a note to myself NEVER to book a class when on detox it just makes it all the more difficult!

As I sit back and reflect on the past three days, I think it has made me more aware of my body and what I put in it or in my case, don't put in it. Drinking 6 large juices a day is quite a feat and makes you very aware that you really can survive on very little. When I finally started consciously drinking water I noticed I wasn't as tired and had more energy. The fact that I wasn't only just downing fruit and vegetables also made the cleans that more enjoyable. I have a new found love for almond milk and have made a mental note to see other ways I can use it in cooking.
If there was one thing I would say I missed most in the last three days it would be chewing food. I love to chew!
 I think the detox was worthwhile and I might even do it again.....maybe after Christmas when I know I have had way to many bottles of plonk and more than just my liver will be needing a break.

 So, today is my first day back in the land of chewing and I feel a little lighter, more alert and ready for a good meal, therefor I am ignoring Schkinny Maninny's advice on just having fruit and vegetables and 'try to leave it as long as possible before eating red meat...' because I have a delicious beef and coriander bake on the dinner programme tonight and I am not missing it for quids!


Bryan said...

Garlic, fresh cilantro and beef braising in preparation for fajitas I am impressed. I would have been wrestling it out of a student's hand or on the floor crying.

You have some will power Camilla Good Job!

TKW said...

You did it! Brava! Good for you! Enjoy your chewing :)