March 10, 2010

Zucchini, lemon & basil pasta for them; detox day 2 for me

To be truthful, I woke up on day 2 of detox a bit foggy, and I'm not sure if it's from the recent stints of 5.30am wake up calls for work or if this is a side effect from the purifying process--maybe it is coffee separation anxiety? Whatever it is, I bee-lined for my green leap frog juice, just after I did my first delivery of breakfast to the city.

I was reading the info they give you regarding the detox and it bought up all the symptoms you could be feeling--I was feeling none of them, was I abnormal? I put it down to just to busy to notice...that was until about 1pm and then the slight headache kicked in and the 'woopsy' feeling kept dropping in and out.
"DO drink 2 litres of water" it said. Hmmm when was the last time I drank water? I think that was yesterday, I even got a loofah to remove dead skin and rejuvenate the body, salts to soak in, tea to drink as a pick-me-up and do you think I have done any of it?
Ohh to have 5 minutes in the day for ME!
 Ok so I haven't loofahed, no salt soaking or taking quiet strolls by myself (like they tell me to) but I HAVE started drinking the water!!
I AM still enjoying the juices, not really missing food, have noticed I smell everything from the dirty oil in the takeaway shop fryer two blocks away to the sweet smell of chocolate up to a kilometre away but that is OK, I am doing just fine while out and about. The hardest part is when the family sits down to eat but so far I have managed to miss another family dinner. While I left Nic to make delicious zucchini and lemon pasta, I headed off to pilates to work out my days stress and bad energy (that is what my very calm and low stress yoga/pilates teacher told me anyway).

I do love this pasta. I grate the zucchini as my kids really dislike the vegetable--what is there to dislike I ask? I think it has something to do with the colour green??? Anyway when you grate it and slowly cook it down with some butter and garlic, it turns into the yummiest sauce; especially if you add a good squeeze of fresh lemon juice and a slurp of pasta water (you need the starch from the water to help thicken your sauce), further simmer and then add a handful of basil leaves when adding the drained pasta. With lashings of finely grated parmesan cheese on top the kids eat it up in do I when I get the chance.

So with Day 2 at an end I only have one more day to go before I am cleansed and ready for another year of debauchery. I am happy to say I can do it. I WILL remember to drink water before my head feels like it is going to fall off and I will also try to avoid yet another supper, although that is going to be tricky in the final hours of my last day seeing as I am teaching a class on fajitas!!! It is going to take all of my determination for this one.....missing dumplings and pasta will be a walk in the park compared to fajitas.


Bryan said...

The pasta looks great, I like the way you disguised the zucchini. Keep up the good work on the detox, however now you have me interested in reading about the debauchery you have coming up.

TKW said...

One more day! I could NOT have resisted that pasta! Good for you!

Camilla Baker said...

Thanks TKW & Bryan, you have both been so supportive......see you on the flip side!