March 17, 2010

Beef satay with peanut sauce and greens

I think I have blogged this one before....I would of had to, seeing as it is one of my all time favourite satays. Living up in Darwin when I was a kid, I was blessed with mum working at the school fetes with a group of  Malay, Indonesian, Mongolian (and the list goes on.....) mums who used to make the most delicious food and one of the biggest sellers was the beef satay cooked in butter. I know, butter! Who would of thought it?
 But when you marinate the beef in a light curry, garlic and soy sauce then pan sear it in butter, the flavour really bowls you over, and I haven't even mentioned the peanut sauce!
Noises of yummm, oohhh, mmm are about the only ones I hear when these little beauties are served for dinner. The green steamed veg don't even get a groan when the boys smell the satays being cooked. Yep, an all time favourite for the whole family--sometimes Alex thinks the curry is a little to much for him but  he now knows just to add extra peanut sauce and then all is well. I purposely make a mild sauce so Alex can enjoy the sweet, nutty flavour which mellows out the curry flavour, when he gets a little older I'll up the ante but for now this is great as is.
Nine times out of ten I'd say a picture says a 1000 words but in this case the flavour explosion wins hands down........I'm loving week4!


TKW said...

I love satay! I'll have to try the butter trick!

Bryan said...

Love Peanut sauce, this looks great! and you can never go wrong with something cooked in butter.