March 28, 2010

Lamb chops with wasabi butter

Hiya all, do you like the new look? I thought it was time for a change....

I am still on the family of foodies meal planner but I decided I wouldn't bore you with every, single dish I cook. Instead I am blogging the ones that still linger on my taste buds. I think it is fair to say we ALL make great family meals so why rant and rave about yummy ones when I can show you super dooper yummy ones that will have you wanting it again and again.

On that note I have to mention the grilled lamb chops I made last week. Lamb chops are a pretty quick and easy family meal to prepare. This is one of the reasons why I love them; not to mention that they taste fantastic a-la-natural and the fact that they are about $10 cheaper than their mate the lamb cutlet, what more of a reason do you need to sink your teeth into a juicy chop? (vegos excused of course!)

Keeping this as simple as possible (we ate them on our 'no time for any fuss' night), I served them with mash potatoes- a favourite of Nic and mine, (however the hated, even detested version of potatoes Max could think of ??) and steamed green veggies. All pretty average and typical in a lot of households I am sure, BUT to make this into a flavour packed dinner I whipped up a very easy wasabi butter to dollop on top of our 'average' meal and it had us all licking our plates!
I know you may think of wasabi as the flavour that can rip nostril hairs from their ends or send you into a screaming mess when you add a little to much to your sushi. However if you dilute it with some butter, dijon mustard, herbs and soy sauce, what you are left with is a fantastic mellow, yet full bodied flavour to compliment everything from lamb chops to fish fillets.
 This is one of those occasions when you don't give butter a doubtful look because you have been told it is bad for you. Throw caution to the wind, drop a big tablespoon of it on your next lamb chop and enjoy it's sensational flavour, and if any of you are reading this in the States, Ireland or anywhere you can buy Kerrygold butter then for an extra flavour bonus mix some wasabi powder with their salted butter and be transported into heaven- I exaggerate not!


Bryan said...

So much to say!
Looks wonderful Camilla, I absolutely Love Lamb Chops!

Wasabi butter is so yummy, it is only natural that they would be great together. I will be making this in the summer!

Absolutely love the new look it is beautiful

Camilla Baker said...

Thanks Bryan- you have so many yummy dishes to look forward to......bring on the sun!

Dinners and Dreams said...

I adore lamb.ariantr I haven't made it in a while. Yours looks amazing!