March 9, 2010

Day one of detox & chicken and veggie dumplings

Well, not the best start to my new day of detox, health, and wellbeing but it was the start I had, so there you go!
Instead of waking up to my juice being on my front doorstep I told Schkinny Maninny to leave it at work so I could have it first thing as I am usually there around 6.30am. All well and good for MOST days but I had a last minute order to deliver early into the city and I had to leave from home so I didn't end up getting my first juice until 8.45am and by then I  was well and truly ready for it.
First juice out of the esky (cooler) was the Schkinny Leap Frog- bright green and everything you would think a 'detox' drink should look like. First taste- AWESOME, it was cold, light, sweet and extremely refreshing with kiwi fruit, spinach, parsley and a few other bits to get me going.
 My mid morning bottle (I was wondering if I had enough time in the day for this one as I was so late with my first!) was Pine Grapple, a light, refreshing burst of mint, pineapple and  a few other bits and pieces, which tied me over until 1.30pm when lunch was calling.
I got to turn it up a bit and heated the spicy tomato and lentil juice (soup) which actually felt like a real treat.

Verdict so far....I was really impressed. I didn't feel hungry, if anything I felt full as it is more than I usually eat when I'm at work (which is NOT good, I know, I know). After lunch I still had three more juices to get through and I have to say by the time I got around to my nutty almond milk and brazil nut concoction I was well and truly full! Something I really wasn't expecting to feel.
Because I was by myself most of the day it was pretty easy not to think about food but I must say when I was whipping up the chicken and vegetable dumplings for the family I did want to sneak one- alas, I was strong and busy, too busy in fact to sit down with the family for dinner and I think that was a blessing in disguise as I didn't have to watch everyone chew!

Verdict on the dumplings and rice.......delicious, the boys ate it all up, Alex even managed yoghurt after dinner which isn't very common these days, while Max insisted he ate at least 7 dumplings!
Feeling full and ready for bed was not a combination I was expecting which made me wonder if I was detoxing properly- I was sure I was meant to be starving or maybe that starts tomorrow?


TKW said...

You resisted dumplings? Those are my Waterloo! Good job surviving your first day!

Bryan said...

Glad it is going well, I expected a story you starving by the end of the day. Keep it up

Jessie K said...

YOU? On a detox? Hello? Why? Reminds me of that time we were presented with that $50 bottle of Zrii at your place. Remember that? Seriously, I need more details as to why you're detoxing. I won't be able to sleep otherwise. JK