March 6, 2010

Fish & chips, pizza and a detox anyone?

I ended this weeks meals with a home run and it was not entirely planned. Writing a menu plan from a list of recipes covering two months is a lot of meals and I think I must of got a bit excited in the beginning because somehow I put fish and chips back to back with homemade pizza. To say I was looked at tenderly by my 4 & 7 year old is putting it mildly!
Alex may not be a big meat eater but he makes up for it with fish, and since Max was knee high to a grasshopper he has made it very clear pizza is his (or in the top ten) number one food. For take away meals I must admit that fish and chips is my favourite, while homemade pizza is a close second-- a great 'taking it easy' dinner, perfect for  Friday night if you ask me!
Don't worry, I get serious again next week with dumplings, beef and cilantro bake and grilled fish just to name a few.
 I have also decided to do something I never thought I'd do.......I'm going on a three day detox (just writing it is making me feel weak).
Since moving to North Sydney I have met a great lady who has started her own business and her business is all about body cleansing. I see her day in and day out juicing all her raw fruit and vegetables, pouring them into  bottles and packing them off to her clients. Of course at first I thought good for her, and then when I dug a bit deeper a few months later I was curious as to how I would feel if I packed my body with nothing but raw fruit and vegetables, nuts legumes and water.....could I do it?

So starting Monday I am detoxing for the next three days while still sticking to my menu planner for the rest of the family (nothing like testing my self control!). I never thought I EVER go down this road believing I do eat a healthy diet but I'm telling you, if you saw Schkinny Manninny, you'd want to give it a go as she is the epitome of health and I want to have me some of that!


Bryan said...

I absolutely LOVE making pizza at home! This one looks beautiful. I have considered body cleansing a couple of times but found I have no restraint. I have trouble giving up:
1. Morning Coffee
2. Evening Martini
I think everything else would be doable but have never made it past item 1.

Please tell us how it works for you.

TKW said...

Yowza! Good luck! I can't wait to hear about it. At least you're eating some yummy stuff before you start!

Camilla Baker said...

Thanks guys, I'll be-a-bloggin'
Brian I give myself the luxury of a martini Friday evenings so I would NEVER cleanse toward the end of the week...that would be hectic for all around me!