March 31, 2010

Prawn and couscous parcels

I have been meaning to make these ever since I read armchairchef (a.k.a Bryan's) version a month or so back. Bryan has such a great idea, I thought I would just play around a little and see what I could come up with. If truth be known, I read his blog and thought it a great idea,however, when I re read it tonight I must of mixed my own ideas with his and forgot he used basil pesto; for some reason I thought it was cilantro (coriander)!
I didn't have any pesto in the house, it was a massive day at work, I'd finally arrived home since leaving at 5.15 this morning so I was NOT entertaining the idea of 'popping to the shops!'.
 I was always going to use filo pastry instead of the healthier version of parchment paper but I needed to come up with a flavour filling. In the end I followed Bryans' lead, cooked my couscous, diced my veg and then decided the kids could try theirs with fresh basil leaves and I filled ours with fresh chili, cilantro leaves and lemon juice (this is what I thought I saw).

I love how impressive these look and I also love that I can make these in the morning and serve them for dinner without to much of a thought. Even after a really long day at work and sore feet I was in and out of the kitchen before I knew it.
Hey Bryan, your right, the aroma knocks you over when you pierce your knife inside and open it up. Nic, the kids and I all filled our nostrils with the delights ahead of us and we were not disappointed in the flavour. Max LOVED his with fresh basil but wants to try it again when we have pesto in the house. Nic and I thoroughly enjoyed the Mexican twist, but also look forward to a pesto infusion in the future.

Thank you Bryan for this great family meal, we all loved it (actually Alex hates prawns, which I forgot but he loved the filo, couscous and corn so happy days!), and I'll be making it again- no doubt putting a different spin on the fillings each time.


Bryan said...

Now that is what I was talking about this is beautiful... you make it look so good! Love this dish it really is a show stopper every time I have done it people are impressed.

Oh and thanks I am honored ;-)

Camilla Baker said...

I'm so glad I didn't stuff it up!
Now whats next??